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ATAP: Georgia Proof

Trailer for "Georgia Proof"

We are currently in the process of filming "Georgia Proof". We have formed a "bucket list" of the most notorious hauntings in our home state and are filming this documentary to bring to you the most exciting paranormal investigations we can bring you from the Peach State! We have formed a bucket list for the state of Georgia. Our dream locations here. Savannah, Adairsville, Andersonville, Madison, Covington, Dunwoody, and many other cities are on our bucket list. We will be advertising our kick starter profile to be able to try and raise money to for new equipment, filming, and forming a budget to investigate these places for the documentary. We will break down, in detail, where every bit of funding is going and we ourselves will put up our own money as well. We just ask for your help as the viewers. Each location will be different and we will update accordingly to the website. For certain amounts donated, there will be incentives, maybe even a guest invite to that particular location to investigate with us!

The first team to investigate The Donaldson House! Special thanks to the Dunwoody Preservation Trust!

The Donaldson House in Dunwoody, Georgia was investigated the very first time by ATAP back in January. It had never had a team go in to investigate the claims from prior owners. The house is also mentioned in many books about Haunted Georgia.

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ATAP Latest News:

ATAP makes the newspaper in Dunwoody, GA!

"Early results according to ATA’s Adam Bruce, “You definitely have something there.” A community-wide presentation of findings is planned for later this year as part of the DPT’s upcoming education forum."

ATAP returns to the Donaldson House in Dunwoody, Ga on March 8th, 2014!

With all the evidence captured previously at this location, we have decided to return with new equipment and new experiments to try and document paranormal activity!

ATAP investigated The Eagle Tavern on 2/22/2014. Most haunted building in North Georgia.